About Mush

Planet-positive products for anyone at any time

We believe that we have to make it easier for people to eat vegetarian. Whether they are full-fledged vegetarians or people trying to eat less meat – the so-called flexitarians – tasty, healthy food should be more available to everyone. That’s why BonRill started to grow our oyster mushrooms as the basis of all our meat and fish-replacing products. We don’t even see them as meat replacements, just as delicious, planet-positive products for anyone at any time.

“Our mission is to have more people enjoy deliciously tasting vegetarian food.”

– Caroline / BonRill

Our heritage

BonRill is a Belgian 🇧🇪 company founded some 130 years ago by Mother Emérence and has since grown into a family business going back five generations. The founding lady was a butcher, wife and mother to two children; combining all those roles was considered very modern 130 years ago. Now, BonRill is spearheaded by another leading lady Caroline, who is married to Mother Emérence’s great-grandson Thomas and a mother of two.

Ready for change

It was Caroline who moved BonRill from the traditional butchers business into a vegetarian- and vegan focused company. This sounds quite radical, which it was, but it does make a lot of sense. The world is evolving, and people are becoming more aware that eating meat daily affects climate change. Who better to come up with great meat replacements than a butcher who has all the knowledge to create tasty sausages, spreads and rillettes? BonRill made another big move to reduce global impact by choosing to work with locally grown oyster mushrooms. As most meat replacements are made from soy, tofu, seitan, which all have to be flown in from across the world, BonRill decided to make BonRill products based on oyster mushrooms only. The oyster mushroom is environmentally friendly because it’s locally grown, and it feeds off food waste from coffee and breweries. You can even grow oyster mushrooms vertically, so there’s no need for large agricultural spaces. Furthermore, BonRill support farmers in their efforts to make a transition from animals to vegetables. That’s why BonRill only uses ingredients from these local farmers who want to make this switch.

From farm to supermarket

As a Belgian company in business for over a century, BonRill already had a solid supermarket network to supply. Yet, it’s still a fantastic moment when BonRill products are spotted on the shelves of the major Belgian supermarkets. But the journey doesn’t stop there. The next step is conquering the Netherlands, where many local and global competitors are in the flexitarian market. BonRill firmly believes that with their great flavours, varied offerings and tasty products, they are ready to win over the European market by storm.